glitchi was created to take back our privacy

glitchi is a secure photo sharing app

Inspired by celebrity hacks, 2014 hacks, and in general, how little control we have over privacy, we wanted to create a solution that would make it impossible to get remotely hacked. Everything we post online, stays there forever. One day, it can reappear and hurt you at the most inconvenient moment. We’ve all come across this in one way or another, because today, we think twice before sharing something online.

Get your privacy back

We’ve lost our privacy. Every time we download an app, we have to accept their privacy terms, and agree to give up part of our freedom. But in reality, your privacy is part of what defines who you are. What allows you to be your unique self. When we created glitchi, we wanted to give people back their right to privacy. To be themselves, to share what they really feel, and what they’re thinking. No one has the right to take part in that private moment but you and the other people in it.

Keeping it just between you

glitchi is the only social network that gives you space to keep everything between you and your friends. No one including us, hackers and other curious eyes, is able to see your content in glitchi, because it’s only available on your device and the device of the friend that you’re sharing with. We’ve completely eliminated the passwords, because they suck in protecting you from unwanted snooping. Passwords are the easiest way for someone else to get into your account. Instead, we identify you by your phone, which is always with you. Most people get compromised by someone who wasn’t supposed to have access in the first place, not the friend they’re sharing with.

Taking paranoid out of security

Yes, there are secure apps out there. Apps that protect you from government spying on you, or an app that allows you to gossip on your coworkers without anyone finding out, or do illegal activity without getting caught. But most of us, we’ve got nothing to hide. We’re honest people who do good things and take care of our planet. These ultra secure apps don’t appeal to us, because it becomes all about security, when all we want is to share a photo privately. glitchi provides you with that ultra security without it ever being in your face. Instead, it gives you a way to add your own cover to your image, by letting you glitch a part of it. Every time you glitch, you visualize the encryption that happens in the background, and you create a fun surprise for you friends to discover when they unglitch the photo.

About us founders and why we care

Rajan and I, have lived around the globe, and eventually met in Bay Area, where we were able to combine our talents in tech and design to create glitchi. Rajan has been working on enterprise security for years, he’s passionate on making enterprise strength security accessible to regular consumers. Coming from a design background, I, like most people out there, didn’t know the ins and outs of staying secure online which made me vulnerable to hacker attacks. We both believe that staying secure shouldn’t be this hard. The celebrity hacks, and other leaks that happened in 2014 can now be prevented with glitchi.

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